A celebration of Design in Wales

Welcome to Cardiff Design Festival 2013.

We're delighted to again be celebrating the depth and breadth of design talent across Wales to spotlight the transformative power and value of great design.

This year we're offering a compact programme of talks, exhibitions and events that bring together designers from across all disciplines with the general public and the business community, to inform, inspire and provoke.

Particularly we want to provoke debate about what might define a design-led nation where design is at
the heart of planning and policy making, underpins our industries and makes a better place to live and work for all.
We'd love to hear your thoughts on what defines a well designed nation, what does it look and feel like, how would we know if we'd achieved it, do we already have it? Join in the conversation. here

Please tell us about great examples of new design that you've come across created by designers living or working in Wales during the last year. You can submit your ideas and examples by logging in or creating a new account.

The Festival - What next?
We'd also love to hear from you about how you think the Cardiff Design Festival should evolve in the future - what events would you like to see, should it be an annual or bi-annual event, should it focus more on the design sector or on events to engage the general public, or should it become an on-going campaign promoting the importance of design and Wales's design sector? Tell us about your ideas here

There is a wealth of talented designers and design thinkers in the city and across Wales and it’s the Festival’s mission to ensure that their skills and passion are recognised and valued by the public and by business as well as by fellow design professionals.

Each year Cardiff Design Festival is convened and co-ordinated by Cardiff School of Art & Design at Cardiff Metropolitan University as an annual celebration of design with a programme of design related events that inform, inspire and provoke to shine a light on the importance of the design sector.