Not an awards competition but a Show-off Showcase

There's a wealth of design talent out there so this year we’re aiming to showcase and celebrate the breadth and depth of designers and design thinkers living and working in Wales. We also want to be able to tell the stories behind what designers feel is great design, how it has a value and impacts on every aspect of our lives. We’re inviting submissions from design agencies, freelancers and in-house designers in Wales or working for Welsh based clients, the very best examples of their design work from the past year.

We are also inviting submissions from this summers’ graduates. What was your best work?

This is open to Welsh students studying anywhere or any student from a Welsh institution. Work completed for a paying client should be entered as professional piece. Also anyone is welcome to nominate work. If you know of a great project let us know and we'll contact the designers, and encourage them to submit.

As a Design Festival, part of our mission is to tell the general public, industry and policy makers why investing in great design is so important. Designers are often anonymous and too often the thinking, research and hard work that goes into making great design is unnoticed so when you put in your submission tell us about the following:-


Work should be underpinned by original and inspiring ideas in response to the brief. Tell us a little about how you came up with the idea for your design.


An elegant expression of that idea, with the appropriate production values. How has that idea been interpreted and realised? What judgement and choices have been made in the final execution of the design?


Tell us about why you selected the most appropriate and relevant media, format, material and visual language for target audience.


(Professional submissions) Has the work created the desired effect, fulfilled the anticipated end result and achieved its purpose? Tell us about, for example, how the design resulted in increased sales, encouraged visitors, solved a problem etc. During this year’s Design Festival we'll feature the stories submitted, show-off great work, create interest from publications and media wherever we can. We'll invite commentators to select their favourite work too and tell us why they think it's great.

Get ready to Show-off! (and it's free)

Show Off Showcase