Running with Wolves: Down load your wolf mask here… or come and make one with the pack

If you’re planning on joining running* with the Pack of Wolves you can now down load your free mask template or come along to one of the Pack’s workshops and make one on Saturday 5 September.

In a manner akin to a Flash-Mob you are invited to join the Pack of Wolves in Bute Park from which point they will proceed through the streets of Cardiff to their 'Den' where there will be some refreshments and possibly some light entertainment.

In order to get you started they have provided some free mask templates that you can download from their website and print out for yourself.

If you would like a little help in designing your mask why not sign up to one of their mask making workshops on Saturday afternoon. These are being led by the wolf cubs - Illustration students from Cardiff School of Art & Design. You can book a place at one of these FREE workshops via the Event Brite page here

Of course if you wish to design your own mask from scratch then feel free. Why not check out their blog for some inspiration?

If you're making a mask for yourselves at home, whether from one of the Pack’s templates or from a design of your own, do tweet the Pack some pictures of your work in progress: @thePackOfWolves

*when they say ‘running’ what they really mean is a light jog**
**When they say ‘light jog’ they probably mean a brisk walk