Fireworks Now

This exhibition offers a wonderful opportunity to see recent work by members of the Fireworks Studios in Cardiff. Curated by potter Alex McErlain, the exhibition shows the rich and diverse ceramics being created by the Fireworks artists. Fourteen artist will be showing their work and include Daniel Allen/Lowri Davies/Natalia Dias/Virginia Graham/Diane Horne/Frankie Locke/Yin Eui Kim/Lisa Krigel/Natasha Mayo/Sara Moorhouse/Zoe Preece/Caroline Taylor/Paul Wearing/Gemma Wilde

The Fireworks Pottery Studios in Cardiff is a cooperative of makers, sharing studio space and specialising in the field of ceramics. Each year the Fireworks group offer two graduate placements for ceramic artists who have recently completed their studies at BA or MA level. Craft in the Bay is also showcasing the most recent graduate artists who have just completed their twelve month residency in Oriel 2. With the support of the other resident artists and use of the specialist pottery equipment within the studios, Carol Feehan and Louise Hall have been able to push their work further since completing their studies in 2012.

An exhibition catalogue is available and will look at not only individual inspirations and working methods but also the influence that being part of a cooperative has had on professional practice.

The exhibition runs until 3 November at Craft in the Bay, The Makers Guild in Wales, The Flourish, Lloyd George Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 4QH. For further information visit

Image: Zoe Preece, Tipping Point